R & D + Quality

Vidal Candies constant entrepreneurial mindset has led to continuous improvement of its facilities. This, coupled with the increasing investment into research and innovation, transforms Vidal Candies into a precursor company in development techniques and creation of flavors, shapes and textures, as well as new packaging designs.

This innovative character has turned Vidal Candies into a pioneering company, not only in the application of new technologies and the introduction of novel ingredients into its products, but most importantly, in innovative product launches. This has led Vidal Candies to become a clear leader in the field of sugar confectionery.

Another concern always present in the forefront of Vidal Candies is that of health and wellness. Therefore, not only do all our products meet the highest health and safety guarantees, but the company also has the most prestigious quality certificates that highlight the daily commitment of the entire organization and its efforts to achieve the highest quality standards.

This effort has led the company to become the first company, in the sugar confectionery sector in Spain, to obtain AENOR Certificate System for Quality Management according to ISO 9001. This recognition has continued to spread within and beyond our borders, to obtain, for example, the British Certifications Retailers Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS), Kosher certification for many of its products & Certificate of Halal compliance.